Jason B. Rawlings, RPLS

Owner and President

Reliability. Our attention to detail, our methods, and our quality control ensure that the services and the products you receive are correct and carefully examined to ensure their reliability.

Time. Every project has a deadline. We understand this. Whether it's a closing date, a submittal deadline, or a construction schedule, we know that time is often the most critical concern of our clients. We believe that our efficiency and communication methods give us an advantage over our competition. We take scheduling very seriously, and although we don't over-promise, we make a highly concerted effort to keep our clients' projects on schedule, even in short-fuse situations.

Budget. Much like time, we know that every project must be on budget to be a success. There are often unexpected costs within the course of a project, and when too many of them pile up, the project is no longer an endeavor - it's a headache. We always give a price estimate for the requested services before we begin, and in nearly all circumstances, that is what we bill. In the rare case where additional effort is needed to perform the service, we will always inform the client to let them know. Clients will never get an invoice from Miller Surveying with a different amount than what they expected to pay.

why choose miller?

our mission...

The real estate and construction industries in Dallas-Fort Worth have maintained high growth for decades, even during the recession of the 2000's and the recent pandemic. Today, the DFW area is one of the fastest growing urban areas in the United States. It's no secret that the land transaction and development processes are integral parts of that growth.  At Miller Surveying, we believe that time, budget, and most importantly, reliability are paramount to the success of these industries. It's our mission to provide surveying services to our clients with these tenets at the forefront.

Jason Rawlings has been surveying North Texas since 1992. His surveying career began at a time when technology was just beginning its paradigm shift to a more digital era. This allowed him to experience not only the analog methods of the past, but also the rapid advancements in modern surveying such as GPS, digital data collection, and the incorporation of the internet into the profession. While Miller Surveying strives to stay on the cutting edge of measurement and production technology, the knowledge and experience with the methods and equipment used in centuries past have given Jason a well-rounded vision of the surveying profession.

Jason has been licensed to practice land surveying in the State of Texas since 2002. Since that time, he has built relationships with developers, attorneys, elected officials, city staff members and individual residents that go beyond simply professional.  He believes that these relationships should be long-lasting, and is always willing to provide personal attention to the needs of our clients. 

​Serving as the Resident Surveyor and Chief Operations Officer, Jason ensures that each and every service and product Miller Surveying provides has been carefully examined for completeness and accuracy.