• Residential Subdivision Layout
• Commercial Development Layout
• Municipal Public Infrastructure Staking

• WMBE/SBE Certifications

• Fully licensed and insured 

Our Services

Construction Staking

We specialize in providing accurate and efficient staking services for residential, commercial and municipal layout. Our focus is always on accuracy and scheduling so that projects can stay on time and on budget. We maintain a high order of checks and balances, and we keep a record of every stake we set. We communicate well with contractors and City Inspectors to ensure the progress from design to installment is seamless.

Current and Recent Projects:
• Morningstar Residential Development, Far West Fort Worth
• Skyline Ranch Residential Development, Benbrook

• Grayhawk Residential Development, Forney

• Mercer Crossing (Future development), Farmers Branch

• Boyd Branch Wastewater Interceptor, North Arlington

• Bonnie View Road Capital Improvements 

​• Dallas Water Utilities Projects

• ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys
• TSPS Category 1A Land Title Surveys
• Title Commitment Exception Reviews 

Expert Witness

One of the most important responsibilities of the Registered Professional Land Surveyor is to provide, when necessary, expert witness testimony on the subject of land and property boundaries. In the event of a dispute that leads to litigation, attorneys from both parties may seek the expertise of a Professional Surveyor to provide expert testimony. The Surveyor acts as an unbiased expert witness and has the authority to give testimony based on his or her opinion. Mr. Rawlings has served in this capacity in a court of law and is well educated in the practice of evidence gathering, exhibit presentation and communication of testimony in layman's terms.

• Single-lot and Small Land Division Plats
• Major Subdivision Plats
• Zoning Change Exhibits

• Tree Surveys 

• Topographic Maps
• Cross Section Mapping
• FEMA Floodplain data collection
• Elevation Certificates/ELOMA preparation

We are familiar with staff and requirements in all communities in the area including those in Tarrant, Dallas, Denton, Collin, Rockwall, Parker, Johnson and Wise counties 

• Property line staking
• Boundary Survey Exhibits
• Metes and Bounds Descriptions
• Easement and abandonment exhibits

Commercial Land Title Surveys

We have built an impeccable reputation with brokers, title companies, lenders and investors of providing title surveys and exhibits that can pass the high scrutiny of multi-million dollar property transaction teams.  We are very cooperative with lenders' counsel and title examiners and we don't consider our services complete until all involved parties are satisfied.

Platting & Permitting Documents

We have prepared plats and permit exhibits in almost every community in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We understand all facets of the platting and permitting processes, and are well known by city development departments for being cooperative and responsive, and for providing documents and exhibits that are complete, accurate, and easy to read. 

Topographic Surveying

We prepare highly detailed and accurate topographic maps and we present them with a product that is legible and easy to decipher, even for those with little to no experience reading topographic maps. Upon completion, we provide all necessary digital data to design consultants of the project, including CAD files, points lists and PDF documents. 

Land Boundary Surveying

By using the surveying principles and practices set forth by the State Board of Professional Land Surveying, along with case law, we perform land boundary analyses with the sufficient amount of probative value to be relied upon.